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Three Reasons to Bag Your Trash

One of the most important things to keep in mind when leaving out your trash for pickup in Springfield, MO, is to make sure that your trash is bagged. This may seem counterintuitive – after all, isn’t that what your garbage bin is for? However, there are some excellent reasons to make sure that your trash pickup is always bagged, if possible.

1. Trash bags leave your garbage can clean

If your trash isn’t bagged, it will leave waste residue on the inside of your garbage can. This builds up over time and lends an unpleasant smell to your can. This residue can also attract files, mold, and other such things to your can. This also means that you will have to wash your trashcans frequently. If you bag your trash, you can avoid this by making sure that they are clean.

2. Trash bags keep your trash contained

Loose trash is tough to keep contained. If your garbage can is knocked over, it can result in litter being strewn all over your home or driveway. Furthermore, there is a greater chance that it can blow away and land on your driveway when it is being collected and dumped into the garbage truck.

Also, loose trash can be unsafe for a few reasons. One, if you have any sharp items in your junk, it can cause a greater chance for accidents if your trashcans are knocked over. It is also unsafe for your trash collectors, as loose trash like debris and liquids can get on their faces or skin during trash pickup.

3. It makes garbage pickup easier

If your trash is bagged, it’s quick and easy for your trash collectors to pick up and handle. Loose waste can be frustrating and hard to work with for garbage collectors, and by bagging your trash, you are making their job easier.

While not all trash – especially when it comes to larger items – can be bagged, you should always take care to bag your trash if possible. It makes the trash pickup experience easier for both you and your garbage collectors.

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