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How to Prepare Yard Waste for Trash Removal

If you have yard waste ready to be put out for trash removal, you should follow a few guidelines to ensure that it is collected and disposed of properly.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when getting rid of debris in your yard:

• Make sure the waste bags you use are not too heavy. If you have to drag your bags to the curb, they weigh too much. Heavy loads are problematic for garbage collectors to remove from the curb or your driveway and can result in material getting stuck to the bottom of your trash containers.

• Be careful with any debris that you put out for trash removal that contains thorns. These can be a significant safety hazard for garbage collectors. For efficient disposal of such waste, ensure that it is easy to remove debris that contains thorns by placing it in waste bags or containers. This allows trash collectors to quickly and safely dump them in the garbage truck.

• Depending on your municipality, you may not be allowed to dispose of leaves as part of your yard waste. Check your local laws before adding them to your trash removal collection.

• Items such as grass clippings, stones, tree stumps, dirt, and fruits and vegetables should not be a part of the waste put out for trash collection.

• Debris should be placed into containers or brown paper waste bags. Plastic bags should not be a part of yard waste, either as a way to contain the debris or as part of the waste itself.

• Make sure the yard materials are put out on the curb with your regular waste for easy trash removal.


By following these guidelines, you will make the trash removal process for yard waste more straightforward and more convenient for both you and your garbage collectors.

And of course, you can call us for any yard waste removal, as there are no bags or containers too heavy for us. We will clean up the entire area leaving your yard spotless.

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