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Got Junk for Recycling? 3 Things to Stop Throwing in the Recycle Bin Now

Got Junk for Recycling in Springfield, MO?

3 Things to Stop Throwing in the Recycle Bin Now

f you’ve got junk ready to be thrown out, you’ve likely already gone through it to separate it into recyclable and non-recyclable bins. When possible, recycling is good for the environment, and up to half of all trash can be recycled

However, not everything you put in the recycling bin can be reused.

In fact, we should throw some everyday items that often make it into the recycling bin in with the non-recyclables. And putting things in the wrong bin can cause a waste of time and resources.

Are you wondering if you’ve been mistakenly tossing out non-recyclables in your recycling? Read on to find out some surprising everyday items that do not belong in the recycle bin.

1. Pizza Boxes and Food Containers

It may seem counterintuitive—not tossing your cardboard pizza box or food container into the recycling bin.

However, grease spots and food residue cannot be recycled because of the inability to separate the cardboard from the leftover oils.

So, unfortunately, your pizza boxes and takeout containers belong in the trash.

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2. Light Bulbs

Even though light bulbs are made of glass, they are treated with toxic chemicals like mercury causing them to be non-recyclable.

These chemicals cause light bulbs to be hazardous, meaning you shouldn’t throw them in the trash either.

In fact, in many states throwing light bulbs in the garbage is illegal, resulting in possible fines.

What you can do is set them aside, and when we come to remove any junk you may have, we will also take your light bulbs and dispose of them properly.

3. Drinking Glasses

Unlike other glass kitchenware, drinking glasses are specially treated to have a higher melting point.

This unique process causes drinking glasses impossible to recycle. Instead, it would be best if you disposed of your broken drinking glasses with the regular trash.

Final Thoughts

We can safely and effectively recycle many things, including mattresses, bedsprings, furniture, plastic, wood, metal, and more.

Unfortunately, items like those on our list here make things more complicated for the recycle center.

If you got junk and not sure if an item is recyclable or not, call us at (417) 815-5865.

We do our best to recycle everything possible, but some things must follow different rules. Let us help, and together, we can keep Springfield, MO, beautiful.

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